Sonic takes over PAC-MAN's mazes!

Oh seems that Dr. Eggman meddled with PAC-MAN`s maze this month! After capturing Sonic's animal friends, the evil doctor trapped the little animals in PAC-MAN`s mazes and tournaments.

To stop Dr. Eggman & Bash the Ghost, Sonic & PAC-MAN are trading places for the first time ever! Can you help Sonic rescue his lovely friends? Run the maze as Sonic for the next month and discover the FREE limited maze and a bunch of exciting Tournaments!

You can download the newest PAC-MAN update for FREE on both Android & iOS stores to see what surprises are waiting for you!

In case you didn`t check out the PAC-MAN for Moblie Facebook page, do it now! Here you can find all the news regarding PAC-MAN and an exciting drawing competition!

So what are you waiting for PAC-MANiac, Sonic needs your help!